About Us

St John’s College was established in 2011 by the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Diocese of Wau. It is situated in Wau the Capital of Wau State. It is the only Theological College in the whole of Bahr El Ghazal Region, an area of 896606 Skm2 with population of 3,156, 184 people.

The College is currently offering Diploma in Theology, Education and Business Administration and is planning to start offering Diploma in community development as from 2017 onward.

The College serves the following Dioceses and Area Dioceses in Bahr El Ghazal Region ; Rumbek, Wau, Yirol, Chueibet, Pacong, Akot, Aweil, Awerial, Malek Ruup, Abyei, Gogrial, Tonj, Wulu, Nyang, Maper and Aluakluak. It is also planning to be serving the neighbouring Dioceses of El Obeid (North Kordufan and Darfur Region of Sudan), Bentiu (Unity State Upper Nile Region of South Sudan) and Nzara and Mundri (Equatoria Region of South Sudan).

The College is also open to other Denominations in the region and has given special consideration to women from any denomination who wants to study Theology and other courses in order to promote women participation in leadership in the Church and the wider society.

The College takes one student from each of the above mentioned Dioceses and Area Dioceses and one from the sister Churches (other denomination) in the region each year. It has also given special place for five women each year. The College has an annual intake of 25 students.

We believe that bringing pastors from different communities across the three main regions of South Sudan will be part of peace building as these pastors will built relationships among themselves during their time in College which they can extend to their communities when they return to their home Churches. We also believe that having students from South Kordofan and Darfur region is an opportunity for us to reach out to the North with the Gospel and support our sister Diocese there, the Diocese of El Obeid as well.

In addition to theological courses pastors take other courses aimed at equipping them with skills and knowledge that will enable them to contribute to the development and peace building activities in their communities. These include community development, peace building and conflict transformation, leadership and management skills, communication skills, sociology, psychology and Health Education including HIV and AIDS.

Needs and priorities of the College.

  1. Sponsorship for Theological students at the College cost $1500 per a year. The local church pays feeding, transport, books, personal expenses and medical treatment for students which cost $500 per a year. The partners pay tuition and accommodation which cost $1000 a year or $85 a Month. We are therefore looking for 75 friends to sponsor the 75 students.
  2. Sponsorship of four students to do Bachelors and one student to do Master’s Degree at Bishop Barham University College, Uganda cost $2000 each for Bachelors and $2500 for Masters Students annually for everything including tuition, feeding, accommodation and transport. Total for the five students is $ 10,500 annually and $31500 in three years. These students will come back to teach at St John’s College upon completion of their studies at BBUC.
  3. Transports of Tutors from BBUC to Wau return tickets is $700 by air and $500 by road. The College needs Tutors to come from BBUC for at least three years until those sent to study there comes back to St John’s College.
  4. Infrastructure development-Construction of Classrooms and Dormitories, Installation of Solar Panel, Digging of Boreholes and water connections, Purchase of a pickup Land cruiser are some of the projects the College wants to embark on in the next five years.
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