College Pilot Projects

St John’s College of Theology and Development has needs that we would like you to consider helping us with.
We call them Pilot Projects.

College pilot projects

Construction of College Premises $75,903.33

St. John’s College is facing the challenge of limited lecture halls and offices. Therefore, the college came up this year with a plan for constructing four lecture halls and two offices to create space for conducive learning and operations environment.

Solar Panels $104,720

St. John’s College has a problem of power and light. Currently it gets power from Generator being owned by ECSS Diocese of Wau but this source of power is very expensive and unreliable.

Therefore, the administration of the College thought of having solar panels instead of the generator to provide power and light for offices, lecture halls and students hostels but solar for offices alone could cost $16,325.

Training of Teaching Staff $130,000

Qualified teaching staff are the key for a strong foundation, quality education and high standards of any College or University. Therefore, the college administration thought of training 4 and 2 staff to the level of Masters and PhD, respectively.

Water Facilities $20,000

St. John’s College is located within the compound of ECSS – Diocese of Wau, where there is no water source. So, it is buying water on a daily basis from tankers which are expensive and not safe. Hence, the college administration thought of having a borehole within the compound.

Internet Facilities $10,167

Now, days, Internet service is very important in terms of communication especially with donors. Unfortunately the College has got not a source of internet facility that is why sometimes it misses some opportunities for funding and partnership with international organisations.

Let’s build something great together.

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