Our Link With BBUC

St John’s College works closely with Bishop Barham University College to offer the best facilities it can for all students. Please see the MOU stated below.



Bishop Barham University College
The Diocese of Kigezi
P.O.Box 3 Kabale


St. John’s College of Theology and Development
The Diocese of Wau
C/o ECS Provincial Office P O BOX 110 Juba South Sudan


Marburg Mission and BBUC have been working together for a long time, even when BBUC was still a Theological College. Through Marburg Mission, two students from the Anglican Diocese of Wau got a scholarship to study at BBUC in 2013. Then, the Bishop of Wau Diocese developed an interest in BBUC to promote Education in his Diocese. In 2015 Rev. Matthias Scheidecker together with a team of BBUC Graduates visited the Diocese of Wau and the Bishop shared his vision of partnership. He later came to BBUC and had a meeting with the Principal of BBUC and his team and the Bishop of Kigezi Diocese, who also welcomed the partnership. Thus, the purpose of this partnership is to strengthen each other.


The purpose of this partnership is to strengthen each other and to promote education and spreading the Gospel of Christ in South Sudan.

Aims and Objectives

  1. St John’s College aims to send five students to BBUC every year while BBUC and the Diocese of Kigezi aim to identify and send Lecturers and Graduates as Missionaries to St. John’s College every year.
  2. BBUC and Kigezi Diocese will send Missionaries who are committed to the Christian Faith and the Gospel, qualified and gifted in teaching and willing to serve and live a simple life as a calling.
  3. BBUC to help St John’s College in developing its own curriculum and course units for Certificate and Diploma Courses to be accredited at the National Council of Higher Education in South Sudan.
  4. BBUC to donate reading materials to the library of St. Johns College.

Funding and Support

St. John’s College will provide feeding, accommodation and incentives to the Lecturers. The Diocese of Kigezi will offer the Missionaries a platform in their local Churches to raise funds for their transport. Marburger Mission also aims to support a few Lecturers with transport who may not be able to raise it from their local Churches.

A View of the Bishop Barham Univeristy College Campus in Kabale

Benefits to St John’s College

  1. Capacity building: BBUC will raise the capacity of St John’s College so that those who graduate with diplomas at St John’s College can be admitted for degrees at BBUC.
  2. Validation and recognition: St John’s College will be recognized both locally and internationally as a strong college which produces qualified professionals who will transform South Sudanese society from war minded to business and development minded people. Above all they will teach the South Sudanese communities to obey the Great Commandment of Loving God and your neighbour as yourself and of course the Great Commission “Go and tell them, Jesus is Lord”.

Benefits to BBUC

  1. Publicity: BBUC will be very popular in Bhar El Ghazal which is the largest region in South Sudan with an area of 896606 km2 with a population of 3,156, 184 people and indeed the whole of South Sudan. This will increase the number of South Sudanese student’s enrolment to UCU not only in Kabale but other campuses as well. Further, the admitted Students from South Sudan strengthen the University financially.
  2. Lecturer’s capacity building: BBUC uses St. John’s College to build up their lecturers through giving them cross-cultural teaching experience and training graduates as potential lecturers and missionaries for the future.
  3. Fulfilment of the Great Commission: The Motto of BBUC is “Go and tell them Jesus is Lord.” Our going is part and parcel of the fulfilment of the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus. This is a blessing for those who are involved.


The MOU will keep in force as long as there is mutual consent between the parties. In the absent of mutual agreement, this MOU shall end.

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